International Food Information Council ( – Drive consumer policy and food selection

Have you heard about the International Food Information Council (IFICINFO)? If not, this article will give you a great  exploration about this non-profit organization. The article was analyzed by Tam Minh Duong drugstore.

IFIC has been fulfilling its mission to improve the quality of life of the community with highly qualified nutrient solutions for nearly 30 years.

Owing to Internet’s popularity in recent years, you can find out a lot of articles about IFIC system, but not all of them give you essential information. So, please spend a little time to read the information below.

What is International Food Information Council?

International Food Information Council (IFIC) serves as a resource to nutrition guardian for people in any areas of the world. Since establishment in 1991, this group has developed into one of the most credible foundations in food science-based information. By its conservation, an earth of food assurance may become not a vision but a fact.

This global organization is an extreme destination for leading nutritionists, scientists, and experts in food science. It is estimated that there are about 12000 laboratories with 2000 people working in various fields such as research, practical applications all over the world regardless of gender, nationality and religion.

How IFICINFO have influence on human being?

Thanks to groundbreaking researches in nutrients and diets, IFIC has contributed to improving malnutrition and obesity, aging, as well as reducing health care costs. For example, in January 2020, the website of IFIC posted a short paragraph about a weight reduction plan should be purchased called The Eat Clean diet. This diet does not require you to follow a strict diet but mainly towards clean foods, no chemicals and no excess of sugar and fat. Few days later, Eat Clean diet is a trend attracting a lot of attention on social networking forums.

In order to verify health issues that people often suffer from wrong ways of using foodstuff, the foundation extends its mission intercontinentally. Rather than a non-profit foundation, this council also associate with a number of government agencies and academic institutions to enhance the social awareness of ways to preserve food as fresh as possible. With frequent campaigns to instruct cooks on how to keep nutrients in food processing, IFIC have supported public understanding about most effective methods.

How to interact with IFICINFO?

IFIC always posts the latest news of cuisine technology and tips for keeping food clean on social network as Twitter. In artistic space like Pinterest, you can enjoy beautiful images based on creation of eye-catching display, then share them with others on Facebook.

As a center of nutrition, IFIC encourages you to send recommendation and questions via email to consult the  healthiest diet. Anyone who deals with health problems can contact IFIC to receive replies as soon as possible.

Final Words

Now you have got all things you need to know about this non-profit organization- a global environment with the goal of bringing a healthier world. It’s high time you picked up your phone and contacted the International Food Information Council.

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