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The Samoa tsunami is a horrific event that has left many consequences for mankind. How to recover from this hazard? American Samoa Tsunami Study will show you. The article was analyzed by Tam Minh Duong drugstore.

Perhaps the term “Tsunami”  may send shivers down your spine. No one wants to “live in harmony” with tsunamis, we all want to prevent such natural disasters and limit their impact to a minimum.

With the careful investment and enthusiasm of the research team, American Samoa Tsunami Study has given a new insight into how to cope with tsunami hazards.

Keep reading this article and you will have a new outlook on the battle of fighting against natural disasters.

American Samoa Tsunami Event In 2009

An unforgettable event

October 30, 2009 – a dark date for people in Samoa Island. A magnitude 8.3 earthquake struck on the morning of 30 September 200km away from Samoa’s coast, creating 4 tsunamis of 4 to 6 meters high.

The earthquake was so close and so strong that it was impossible to warn people about the potential danger ahead. The huge high waves caused by this powerful earthquake invaded Samoa and American Samoa, creating a panic and a mournful scene.

October 30, 2009- a date that anyone who once experienced will never forget.

Severe consequences

110 – this is the number of deaths after the disaster, not to mention many others missing and injured. In particular, the island nation of Samoa suffered the most damage, with about 80 dead and more than 150 injured, followed by American Samoa with at least 30 deaths.

In many places, the Samoa tsunami struck as far as 1.6 km inland. The waves swept away houses, boats, trees, buildings, people and anything in their path.

Because many places are only about 1 meter above the sea level, the damage caused by the waves is extremely terrible. In areas hit by the Samoa tsunami, the landscape was devastated and mourning. Everything was tinged with pain.

American Samoa Tsunami Study

American Samoa Tsunami is such a monster. How to fight against it? How to best recover from such a devastating disaster like this? American Samoa Tsunami Study is carried out with the mission of providing insight into how to build coastal community resilience.


American Samoa Tsunami Study is conducted with a clear goal, it is to identify areas that are likely to be affected by the tsunami, thereby offering measures to protect against, respond to and recover from tsunami risks.

To achieve this goal, specific goals have been set, including providing documents related to the 2009 American Samoa Tsunami event, setting up a resilience-building forum, as well as developing recommendations to build resilience communities to cope with future tsunami events.

The impact of resilience

Resilience can be understood as the ability to survive through the challenging conditions of natural disasters like tsunamis. Following a community-based approach, citizens select investment facilities that can help them respond most effectively to natural disasters.

People also participate in construction supervision, operation, and maintenance of these works. By doing so, the spirit of local mastery was enhanced and the devastating consequences of the tsunami can be dispelled.

The Bottom Line

American Samoa Tsunami in 2009 is such a terrible natural disaster that no one wants to experience it again. In order to prevent, respond to and recover from such tsunamis, we need to be fully equipped with knowledge about how to build a resilience community.

American Samoa Tsunami has provided a clearer view of the importance of resilience. Let’s do a resilience community so that traumatic events like American Samoa tsunami will never recur in human history.

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