Pritpal S Tamber – The Symbol of Optimising Clinical Knowledge

Pritpal S Tamber is a specialist in medicine. Today, we will learn about him and his idea of optimising clinical knowledge.

Have you ever heard about Optimising Clinical Knowledge? It is a famous company in the United Kingdom which creates a huge impact on the healthcare of the world.

with the ingenious leadership of the director Pritpal S Tamber, this company has supported strongly many medical clinical organizations.

In this article, we will dig into the details of the Pritpal S Tamber and his impressive contributions to world health care.

Who Is Pritpal S Tamber?

Doctor Pritpal S Tamber is a master specialist in medicine. He has devoted all his time and effort to taking care of the health of society in the most dedicated way. Besides, he also works as an independent writer and consultant of the Optimising Clinical Knowledge.

His insight goes deeply into nowadays health care. Therefore, he can see the terrible downside of it, as nowadays health care becomes unstable each day due to the failure in appreciating the sociality health definition of clinical science.

On the famous newspaper Community & Health, he often reviews the overlooked evidence and shares the hard work of the medical practitioners. On the other hand, he shows strongly his opinion on any work that is called “social health” or “health community determinants”.

His Research About Optimising Clinical Knowledge

As a consultant of Optimising Clinical Knowledge, Pritpal S Tamber aims to write to explain to other organizations the real definition of medical knowledge with the hope that they can use this definition to improve their daily work and understand their important position in health care industry.

Working as a physician editor of TEDMED, he can have better insights and different thoughts about the care. As a sequence, he starts to explore himself to the clinical knowledge of “health beyond health care”. This idea is also his wish to make a better future for the health of society.

His writings talk straightly to the state of the health care service. As he has seen so many disrespects to the patients and the political meddling in care, he shows that this problem is so big and complex that it may lead to social unrest.

Understanding his idea that “true health care” is more than just “an absence of disease”, the medicalization has been positively impacted and the care service has improved. With the health sector, leaders can now understand community contexts to have more responsibilities.

His Application In Real Life

Since he works as the physician editor of TEDMED, he has launched an exploration named Wellthcare to help people understand his optimising clinical knowledge.

From his writings on Wellthcare, people know the true civic value of health. As a sequence, they can accuse public health that has wrong moralizing and make a Manifesto.

Having received some assistance money, he starts a project named Creating Health Collaborative. In this project, he digs deeper into his own clinical knowledge of “health beyond health care”. And just like the ”Wellthcare”, this project is highly appreciated.


As a director of the Optimising Clinical Knowledge, Pritpal S Tamber attempts to make people understand the difficulties that are against the future of health. He is really a good speaker of our community nowadays. Following his idea, we can make a good future for the health care sector.